Dec 17, 2016


In 1999 the Flip team gathered to go visit Tom Penny 
at his house in the french countryside where he was
 living at the time with his mom. 
The mini ramp in the barn had been built couple
years before by Geoff Rowley and Rune 
Glifberg, so Tom could keep on skating while in the 
middle of nowhere with no street spots to skate.
As you can see in this raw edit, this was the very 
first time Bastien Salabanzi came on a Flip trip, 
and here you can see him meeting Rowley 
and Boulala for the first time. 
You can aslo notice US skateboarder 
Eric Brockman, but that trip was not fun at all for him,
 being the only US dude... adding to that the pressure 
on being on such an intense team of heavy rippers,
it was too much for him to handle and he quit Flip 
soon after that mission in France.

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