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SHIT CAKE BLOG 10 years anniversary

To celebrate 10 years of bullshitting here  
about everything and nothing,  
I chose 10 magic moments 
from over 1000 posts I've made  
(including videos, music and quotes)  
since February 2009.   
So relax, sit back, smoke a joint,  
drink a beer and enjoy the ride...

#1  WINTER 2009
I've started posting in the middle   
of great winter when UNIKRON distribution   
was born. It was the best time ever.  
I met with two young businessmen  
(you can see them on the photo below)  
and they gave me a job. 
I was like a fucking Raoul Duke 
in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...  

And I truly miss:

adventures with Slavo and Szczypikao,

going up the country with bunch of friends,

snowboarding with random hijinx,
smoking cigarettes in the bus,
jumping from chimney,
partying at Ampstrong Club RIP,

bloody hammer,

real man's bed,


bomb dropping and much more...  

We are dinosaurs!! Did we survive 
or maybe we've been exterminated 
by time and life...   (??)

"All those... moments will be lost...  
in time... like... tears... in rain. 
Time... to die."  
- Roy Batty
#2  PRAHA Mystic Sk8 Cup,  2-4 July 2010
On the board:
Me, Jejor as Taxi Driver
Skira and Zelo on the back seat
Just perfect holidays.   
All four Pieces Of Shit Cake 
in one place.  It was our last vacation 
we spent together...   

#3  PIKOLINO, 1st of July, 2011
All crooked families have dark secrets.
This is our...
Pikolo and Fratelli tapes.  
The Legend, the myth, the nightmare   
from Male Zywczanskie street.   
This strange evening changed the game   
forever. And we are gonna take   
this secret to the grave!!

#4 ALCO - KASPRO March 17, 2012
Booze plus snowboarding 
was always my favorite sport
One amazing day, wonderful weather,   
perfect conditions on the slope   
and the best soldiers   
from Z-town in one place.

Next day I made this edit in about 15 minutes.  
I've just heard the song and boom!!   
I knew everything. Love the video   
and much love for Mama Cass Elliot!!

#5 OSLO, NOrWAY 22 April 2013

Yep, it was a big fucking step   
in my life, no doubt...   
I didn't want that, but I guess she did...
My first project:
Facade renovation of Stortinget building
- Parliament of Norway

I worked there for few months with nice guys, 
but only one became my real friend.
And one day, after very traumatic situation
I will call to my new fella 
to ask about a place to stay...

Halfway through, so time for:  

I needed to add something funny 
and ridiculous on the blog.
Permanent segment 
to fill the breaks between posting.

The first "Random Hero" 
appeared on March 11, 2009

Most of them are bike crashes and fails...

but skateboarders are also very welcome...

and Magic Crackheads!!
Alright, alright lets get back on the track...

#6 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,
1st of October, 2014

I made a call and after small talk 

I joined to the infamous,
mysterious place - SYKEHUS.
The Lord of the Meat was living there
and I was fucking scared as hell.
My first thought: Is he going to eat me??
My life was upside down 
- literally and metaphorically
"I believe whatever doesn’t kill you,
simply makes you…stranger."
- Joker

 January - July 2015
Perfect place and perfect timing for me.
Deep under the ground,
I found silence, emptiness, 
peace of mind and money...
Best project ever. I could work 
in the tunnels all my freaking life.
No family, no friends, no feelings... 
just pure timeless darkness.

"Oslo aka Tigerstaden ("The Tiger City").

The name was probably first used 
by Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.
His poem "Sidste Sang" from 1870 describes
a fight between a horse and a tiger;
the tiger representing the dangerous city
and the horse the safe countryside.
When Oslo celebrated its 1000-year 
anniversary in 2000, Eiendomsspar wanted 
to give the city a gift. Oslo wanted a tiger, 
and that's what they got:
a 4.5 meter bronze tiger 
made by Elena Engelsen."

Who's seen The Tiger??

my parents

Skira and Juri

Jano Oregano

Sanders, Doma, Gypsies and Kupson
Ewcia and Suerte
Tomal and Justynka
Kuba and Dominika

Techramps Crew

Kate and Gregor
Doma, Ania, Natalka, Basia and Kala


From all special guests and visitors 
 I've ever hosted, this beautiful army 
of girls is my favorite one.
Mix of craziness, elegancy 
and spontaneity.
That's the recipe for 
#9 Shit Cake GRUBASIE movie premiere
October 8, 2016
My first full length skate video
aka my never ending story...
Mu budget was unlimited. 
I wanted pizza's boxes 
(thank you Slavo for amazing graphic), 
tie-dye T-shirts (thank you Doma),
stickers, fucking matches, 
SC wristbands, mugs...

Everything for free, for my lovely homies
All money raised from ticket sales
went straight to Gregor.
Support your local bum!!

#10 SUMMER 2017
July 13 - madness started from 
 the bungee jump to celebrate 
Skira's 30th birthday.
After the party we hit the road,
destination: Red Smoke Festival
welcome to Pleszew Klipon

camp site

charming place around

acid test graduation...

We stole the tank 
to continue our secret mission
codename: booze operation.
target: land on the beach,
find and neutralize enemy
I was waiting seven long years 
to spend vacation like that. 
Careless days with my boys, 
thats all I needed.

Ulalaa that was a long, strange trip. 
I just wanna say: thank you for being 
here and reading this. Maybe I know you 
or maybe not but it doesn't matter.
Make your own kind of "Shit Cake"...

end of transmission