Sep 22, 2012

WatahaVideo: Shit Cake with Wild Strawberry

Filmed and Edit by Artur C.Tatar.
...from NoWay with love...
Thanks uncle Arti Nikkanen 
for keepin' it REAL!!
Never forget your roots BRO!!

Sep 18, 2012

Dżem "Sen o Victorii" Spodek 1992

Sep 14, 2012

CHLEBO - Ollie over the Magic Bums

Photo by: Szymek Rzankowski
It was crazy not lazy night with Z-town homies,
shredding and GOOD TIMES with Sasza, Zelo Jr,
Magic, Juri and Rzank Jr.
Just click on those bums to enlarge!!

Sep 10, 2012


Sep 7, 2012


"This is a Tom Pennys Footage i Filmed from
Three of my Videos. I put this together for
Ghetto Child Commercial... Filmed, Directed
& Edited By Danny MInnick.
After Chilling at the Tradeshow all day Drinking.
He picks up MIke Crums board and Kickflips
the Rail in Front of the tradeshow 5th Try."

Sep 2, 2012


The original title of the film was "The Loners"
Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack
Nicholson were actually smoking marijuana
on camera. LSD, however, was not actually
used during the acid scene, as Fonda has stated.
During Jack Nicholson's "UFO" speech, Dennis
Hopper was intent on getting him very stoned on
marijuana. The laughing that eventually broke up
his speech was not planned, and when Nicholson
repeats the line "it . . . it . . .
would be devastating . . . " it was the next take.
Captain America's (Peter Fonda's) chopper
was so "squirrely" to ride that at one point
Jack Nicholson (who was on the back) squeezed
his knees on Fonda's side to balance himself
and broke one of Fonda's ribs.
Billy Bike
FRANKLIN Harley-Davidson [B11XN65]
Capitan America
FRANKLIN MINT Harley-Davidson [B11WL73]

Both the Captain America bike and the Billy Bike
were designed and built by an African-American
bike builder named Ben Hardy.
It was one of the first films to make extensive
use of previously released musical tracks
rather than a specially written film score.
This is common with films now but was
quite unusual at the time.

Easy Rider Documentary:
Shaking the Cage

Sep 1, 2012

Blood, Sweat & Tears