Sep 24, 2014

Choose your WORLD

Sep 18, 2014

November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970

I'm the one that has to die 

when it's time for me to die, 
so let me live my life, 
the way I want to

Sep 16, 2014

day in the life: NICK CAVE - the movie!!

Writer and musician Nick Cave 
marks his 20,000th day 
on the planet Earth.

Sep 14, 2014


MADNESS starts after 2 minutes

Sep 11, 2014

Sep 7, 2014

4th August, 2014 - An Unexpected Journey

Bye, bye NOrWAY...
HELLOOO my sweet MILUUU!! Hello Z-town!!
and Foxy
home, sweet home, yeah can you feel it, 
smell it?? haha
buy the ticket, take the ride... REALLY?!
Let's go and hit the streets of Z!!
FINALLY!! Vacation time in Zakopane
with my sweet family, time to take a rest
Here we are, Little Silent Hill.
It all happens here... The plan is simple: 
go to the restaurant on the left, order some 
food and in the meantime I will go to "toilet", 
change my clothes, walk down the stairs 
behind the band which gonna play romantic 
folk music and.... 
And kneel and say magic words...
Me, Niunia and Foxy wondering about big 
surprise, stressed, ok musicians are waiting 
upstairs, costumes are prepared, ring... 
yes, yes it's in my pocket but which one?? 
Damn I'm sweating as hell... I hope she doesnt 
know because I'm gonna make something 
crazy and special, once in a life time, 
this is our day, here and now...
Let's start celebration of 
never ending happines!!
100% highlanders, regional band, 
in the middle my cousin Michal,
thank you guys!!
These 6 photos above are made 
by Krzysztof Siemienski, photographer 
from Warsaw city. He was there with 
his family and ocasionally shoot some great 
photos for us, THANK YOU!!
Hey Milu session is over
Male Ciche
My sweet Milu, born to wear folk costume.
Gospoda u Olejarzy - wonderful place 
on the Top of Male Ciche. Huge thanks for all 
people who helped me to make this surprise:
restaurant owners, waitress, musicians, 
Kuczi - taxi driver and Wojciech Ziach 
- he fixed regional costume for me - that's 
my BROS from school, my homies for life!!
Marzena Pawlikowska - costume for Sara, 
my sister Doma for keeping secret 
and be my agent in PL!!
Time to spread the news, Krupowki street,
HAPPY FAMILY!! That was the most beautiful
and happiest day in my life!! 
I LOVE YOU Milu Lilu!! 
You are my precious, my second half!!

Next day, hangover and smiley faces 
but not for Niunia, SHAVE TIME!!
The ring was a little bit too big, so we visited 
The Creator, master goldsmith at his workshop
Engrave project
Thank you Przemyslaw Wanczyk 
for your handmade masterpiece,

More posts coming soon:
- Oslo SHIT CAKE tour with Juri and Skira
- "Shit Cake GRUBASIE", never ending story
-  NOrWAY everyday...

Spring break is over, 
start broadcasting from now...