Jan 26, 2013

IT WAS A DAY: 21 December 2012

I've worked for 3 months in the "SOLID" construction company with crazy stoners. I saw very funny shitbecause almost all this guys have never built before. I woke up every day at 6 o'clock. I took my swag and went to the Gregor workshop...
We ate donuts and drank coffee 
like a pros at 6.30

After this little Rosary pray
7 o clock - welcome in our paradise

Simplework as shitting, just destroy rooms, built some walls and bathrooms and put big fucking windows i new place...
Rubble job aka gruzing
10 o'clock - breakfast and coffee time
Chillongo on the roof, take a breath and mess around
PROFESSIONAL TOOLS, expenive shit nigga
16 o'clock - metal bar time, 
fuck it was so fucking heavy!! 
This bar was like a support 
when we destroied old walls
14 o'clock - family dinner
LIGHTER ROBOT - prevent frozen water pipes. 
DAMN it was fucking cold as hell!!
Robocop is watching you...
Tito - employee of the Month
Mac destroyer aka Marysia
Chlebo took matters into one's hands and finished this jobby job...
19 - 20 o'clock FAJRANT!! 

Jan 14, 2013

Jan 5, 2013


"HOLIDAZE -  is WARP WAVE'S first video 

installment, filmed over the month 
of December. With snowboarding by Eric 
Messier, Gray Thompson, Brendan Gerard, 
Curtis Woodman, Alex Scott and Ben Rice, 
"HOLIDAZE" depicts early season pow riding 
in Tahoe enjoyed by this group of friends. 
Enjoy watching these fun snowboarding 
sessions and stay tuned for more from 
WARP WAVE. Filmed by the riders 
themselves and Paul Heran, edited by Gray 
and Eric. Sponsored in part by COMUNE, 
Arcade, Bozwreck, and Spring Break 
Visit warp-wave.com for more action."