Mar 24, 2015

Take it or Leave it...

Project: TUNNEL
Entrance to the deepest hell ever.
Are you ready??
Don't be afraid my friend, follow me!!
Yep, if you are in Devil's home there must 
be some fucking crazy tools for slaves. 
It's heavy, hard to keep it in one position 
when you are drilling.
Lot of blood, sweat and tears for one hole...
FUCK!! Ja pierdole...
This is my real hell...
Am I dead?!
Isolation and reinforcement - this is what we do
Mr. Kristoff on the top. 
take a "lift" and enjoy the ride

Plastic Human Figure and my roommate Spidy

Guess who is in town?!
Fuck yeah!! my sis Doma came to  NOrWAY!!
Hubek and Marian - Ulleval Family

"Norwegian Museum of Science 
and Technology". Doma, Milena and Hubert 
are trying to fix this motherfucker

Put it here, NO!! Here, maybe... damn!!


FASTER, faster!!
How to do The Dark Side of the Moon's logo??
In search of COBRA R8
If your father want to start telemark 
skiing in Poland, you have a special 
mission in NOrWAY...
Aker Brygge and crew 
Friday's Bar, even when you are under 18
you can have fun on saturday night.
"wife and husband" on vacation 
- Daddy, daddy please buy me a DINO.
- Of course son, no problem... BOOM!!
- The largest independent 
bookstore in Scandinavia
Santa Claus and Stasiu 
are reading "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"
Labyrinth of books. Where are you Stanley??
Here!! The right man in the right place.
Ulala, good combination for me.
Holmenkollen Ski Jump Competition 2015

The White Bridge
Meanwhile at home...
Some kind of Voodoo with Stanislaw
What the fuck is this?!

Time for: Jelly Popp Chocolate Muffins...
with something sweet inside.
Ulalaaaa I'm getting better and better.
One day you will try, I promise.

Our special guest: Martyna
She came to cook tomato soup for us. 
And she made it, best ever!!
thank you
"The Ship and Lonely Dreamer"
"very nice place..."
Are you CREEPY??
I've found it!! 
Big fence around...
 and Black Gate...

FUCK IT!! I was sneaking like a fuckin' hobbits...
check out this link below and read about:
→Great Nordic Biker War←

I said: "I'm gonna back on board".
And I'm back!!
Torshov park - best place for warm up
Bygdøy - for next level
Spinramps with waves aka my favourite place,
Just pure shredding...
TRYVANN - Oslo Winterpark
check the website:

small and big kickers, corners, rails 
and other obstacles are
everywhere!! Really nice lines.



Bogdan my friend from "school project".
You are another person in this crazy country 
who gave me motivation to rise up from 
sadness and back on snow!! Thanks B!!

In some days maybe I'm dead because 
she took my heart...
In other days I've got a good feeling...
But still I hate this "up and down" moments!!

In music I found peace of mind...

Who's sorry now - who's sorry now
Whose heart is aching for breaking each vow

Who's sad and blue, who's crying, too
Just like I cried over you

Right to the end, just like a friend
I tried to warn you somehow
You had your way, now you must pay
I'm glad that you're sorry now...