Apr 23, 2013


The Classic Experience 
Kalatowki, Easter Egg
Old Fashion Ski Competition
Brothers from different mothers
Szparki aka DIBO and Slavek sweet kissing
The Animals trio - Niuncyk, Foxy and Fifi
Armagedon beer, heavy and tasty 
I recommend this kind of end of the World
Say hello to my little friends!!
Everybody in Z-town know this funny fat guy,
always smiling and always drunk...
Amarena team
GG HOUSE OF PAIN aka Villa le Cavalier
Skateboard stickers and posters 
inside Gregory room
Gregor was telling amazing stories 
about military experience.
Yes, he was in Army, no bullshit!!
Also he was in Psychiatric hospital 
one year ago...
Chlebo chillongo, photo by Grzesiu
SWEET PHOTO with legend
After hard party Gregor is wasted as hell!!
Dont be surprised he was drinking all day...
Goodbye POoLAND...
Welcome Oslo, NOrWAY!!
Famous Tiger and Milu
WTF!! Bimber faggot in Oslo, no joke
Justin Bimber can clean your ass
- Shit Cake style...

Apr 4, 2013

THE DOORS - Hollywood Bowl 1968

Apr 1, 2013

"All those... moments... will be lost in time, 
like tears... in... rain. Time... to die..."

more about "tears in rain" soliloquy →HERE←