Jan 31, 2016

2 0 1 5 - THE LAST RIDE - 2 0 1 6

Mr. Fisherman and his sweets
Keep on working in the FREE world...
night session in Kragerø
Spider's web...
Sykehus HALLOWEEN gang
"I'll rip your head off 
and shit down your neck!!"
- Duke Nukem
prepare for death
Dexter and Reaper 
- best friends since childhood
Quick teleportation to Hometown 
for one week... ILLUMINATED:
Arti Nikkanen and Chlebo
"The Hipster Trip"
- no lsd, no mushrooms, no psycho shit...
you just pretending and having fun
FOUNDERS: Szeliga & Skirla
My point of view
"The Catcher in the Rye"
...but alco you can drink as much as you want!!
Interesting facts:
"The Churchills was an Israeli band founded 
in 1965, active until the mid-1970s. 
It was a part of the rhythm bands scene that 
were active in Israel in the 1970s, 
especially in Ramla. The band played rock 
music in English, from psychedelic rock 
to hard rock and progressive rock. 
It was also active in other countries, 
under the aliases of Jericho Jones and Jericho. 
It was one of the first Israeli rock bands."
Bang, bang!!
FRATELLI - best friends ever!!
Real friend will never stab you in the back,
fuck your girlfriend or whatever... NO HOMO
Millionaire who drinks the cheapest wine
back to the STEEL...
back to cows?!
and sheep...
(1999) GTA 2: WASTED!!

NOrWAY wtf?!
Take it easy boys.
We are just testing your first aid skills.
Bridge Builders
My private Black TIE Fighter
Destination: Planet Earth, Poland
Mission: Christmas

Here I am... 
Again, lost in booze for 3 weeks...
Daddy's traditional  
reverse glass painting
The Last Lonely Supper
KlipON Fatality
MAD MAX: Shitty Road
Listen to GRINDBOX Skate Shop:
Bad Moon
- HELP, HELP!! Let me out of this!!
Santa Father - What do you want??

Shot glasses for Dominika,
no Barbie this year.
Mommy - too young for doppelhertz...
"Give me wine!!"
Jelly Brothers
First SC stickers
Thank you sis!!
First victim = live commercial
Pasterka and "The Church"
WAX Figures Exhibition
The Beatles...
Doma and Alka with The Boss

Shit Cake GRUBASIE!! 
It makes sense now...
Salvador dAli
Magma?? Klipon?? Wojtek??
What the fuck are you doing here?!
I don't know who these people are.
But they've wasted lot of wax...
In every one of us you can find terrorist
The first copy of "Shit Cake GRUBASIE"
movie available only on VHS.

Mirror Labyrinth
Skira - party hard
Only the most beautiful 
and extraordinarily girls represent SC
- What have you done to me?! 
Damn you humans!!
New Year's Eve
Choose your "Strogonow"
Have you maybe red one??
DIY Snowskate
Wojtas - boneless
I've been gone for awhile and Japcok
showed me a new trends in skatebiz...
"Pink Flamingo Style"
model: Wojciech
next one...
"Straight Outta Lumpex"
model: Poz'ini
Special Bonus for fans:
"Hot Chocolate Ass"

Oh my sweet Lord!! We made it!!

Thank you Maciek for help
The Tendency Is To Push It As Far As You Can

Magma and stickers madness
Don't cry Krystian, I will be back...

I hope so...
NOrWAY Shoveling 
New Year - New Hope
"...'cause in my dreams, it's always there  
The evil face that twists my mind 
and brings me to despair"