Apr 27, 2015

Congratulations for YOU!!

Apr 15, 2015

“We don’t forgive people because 
they deserve it. We forgive them because 
they need it - because we need it. 
We all need it.”  - Janis Joplin

Don’t you know, honey, 
Ain’t nobody ever gonna love you 
The way I try to do ? 
Who’ll take all your pain, 
Honey, your heartache, too ? 
And if you need me, you know 
That I’ll always be around 
if you ever want me 
Come on and cry, cry baby, 
cry baby, cry baby, 
Oh daddy, like you always saying to do. 

Apr 14, 2015


Apr 4, 2015

Mazzy Star - Be My Angel

Don't leave me lonely, 
Don't leave me unhappy
Just bring me up into your fate
If you don't need me, 
Then don't deceive me
Letting my freedom turn into stone