Jun 1, 2014

Made in Poland: Damian GRECO Dlugokecki

Ladies and Gentelman I woud like to introduce 
to you Damian GRECO Dlugokecki art profile!! 
This guy is the SHIT CAKE member since he 
has born in ZAKOPANE, 13th November,1987.
Real skateboarder with passion and love,
SC action man, stench ideas in the head,
drinking, bumming and tripping 
skills on the top level.
Most famous from: 
Piccolo - untold story aka Devil Confession.
The video is still kept in the Shit Cake 
top secret tapes... Some doors will be open 
in upcoming movie: "Shit Cake GRUBASIE" 
- some kind of a skate video!!
OK,  let's back to the art... 
This shit looks damn good!!
Mixing graffiti and acrylic techniques
with some classic stencils
Inspirated by: 
Music - rock and roll, jazz, rap;
skateboard, Picasso, Indians

Finding motivation in: 
Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, ODB
He's creating orginal paintings with
colorful and trippy shapes.
Check out GRECO exhibition in Germany!!
More paintings and passion on the streets.
And don't forget to see his part in our movie,
first and the last: SHIT CAKE GRUBASIE!!
Last Quote:
“Some people never go crazy. 
What truly horrible lives they must lead.”
- Charles Bukowski

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