Nov 21, 2013

ALI BOULALA vs 25 stairs

"It's not everyday that you go skate a 25 stairs spot, and going thru the tapes again, I realized we went to 2 different of these spots, in the same day, with mister Boulala! The 25 stairs remains the gnarliest spot ever where we tried to get some stuff. Little people know that Ali tried on 2 separate occasions. The first time, the boards exploded with the impact, and that was it. Then he gave it another try on what was his very last opportunity to shoot it for "Sorry". But on that one day it was a little drizzling. We rushed over to the spot, Ali had to set up some special boards, some huge ones that Arto left when he came to Lyon. The run up and landing were a little wet, not so much, but required some whipping, which Jeremie Daclin was taking care of. Ali cleared it once. He knew that no matter what he would have to land on the board to not get injured. But on the second try, he slipped out a little during the run up, and went for it without the proper speed. And that was the thing not to do. That was it, and Ali was fucked for a good amount of time. I recently showed the spot to the Element team who came to Lyon, and all those guys, Evan Smith, Boo Johnson, Nyjah... they all agreed, there should be a special award given to Ali just for even trying! 
Respect Ali!!"

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