Jan 26, 2013

IT WAS A DAY: 21 December 2012

I've worked for 3 months in the "SOLID" construction company with crazy stoners. I saw very funny shitbecause almost all this guys have never built before. I woke up every day at 6 o'clock. I took my swag and went to the Gregor workshop...
We ate donuts and drank coffee 
like a pros at 6.30

After this little Rosary pray
7 o clock - welcome in our paradise

Simplework as shitting, just destroy rooms, built some walls and bathrooms and put big fucking windows i new place...
Rubble job aka gruzing
10 o'clock - breakfast and coffee time
Chillongo on the roof, take a breath and mess around
PROFESSIONAL TOOLS, expenive shit nigga
16 o'clock - metal bar time, 
fuck it was so fucking heavy!! 
This bar was like a support 
when we destroied old walls
14 o'clock - family dinner
LIGHTER ROBOT - prevent frozen water pipes. 
DAMN it was fucking cold as hell!!
Robocop is watching you...
Tito - employee of the Month
Mac destroyer aka Marysia
Chlebo took matters into one's hands and finished this jobby job...
19 - 20 o'clock FAJRANT!! 

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