Apr 5, 2012

Interview with Jay Strickland

You are looking at the Baker skateboards
logo now... And What are you thinking about??
Real fucking raw skateboarding, HiJinx, Passion,
low life, Andrew Reynolds...??
It's all true... But you know who created this SHIT?!
...and do you remember Bootleg skateboards??
video starred: Jim Greco, Ali Boulala, Andrew
Reynolds, Lil Eric, Heath Kirchart, PR Matt,
Dustin Dollin, Ali Cairns, Brian Sumner,
Jeff Lenoce, Elissa Steamer, Willy Santos,
Brad Hayes an much more...
year: 1998
"Back in 1998, Jay Strickland created a sketchy
independent skate video called Baker Bootleg…
And the kids fucking ate it up. Developing the
concepts, art and aesthetic, his videos became
the artistic foundation for Baker Skateboards
which J started with Andrew Reynolds..."
Don't be a fucking pussy and
check this interview here:

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