Apr 19, 2012

Aldous Huxley 1894–1963

"Aldous Huxley, perhaps best known for his
work “Brave New World,” was one of the
most vocal advocates for LSD implementation.
On his deathbed Huxley was unable to speak
and simply wrote, “LSD, 100 µg, intramuscular”
on a piece of paper and handed it to his wife.
She obliged his last wish and injected him the
drug several moments later."
"Experience is not what happens to you.
It is what you do with what happens to you."
“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of
the child into old age, which means never
losing your enthusiasm.”
“Every man's memory is his private literature.”
"An intellectual is a person who's found one thing
that's more interesting than sex."

RIP bro... you ARE a fuckin' GENIUS!!
Keep tripping up there...

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  1. Huxley is turning in his grave nearly 100 years after his visionary prophecies began to form into his own mode of fiction. He is one of my favorite authors and raised serious issues and made world-wide breakthroughs in the research of psychedelics as well as our cognitive liberties. I drew a portrait as homage to the man and his works. See the him roll with the mushrooms, the pills and the doors of perception at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2010/07/aldous-huxley-rolls-in-his-grave.html