Mar 10, 2012

Made in Poland: Dżem

Kiedy byłem mały, zawsze chciałem dojść
na koniec świata
kiedy byłem mały...
Pytałem gdzie i czy
w ogóle kończy się ten świat

Dżem is a Polish blues-rock band
The band's original name was "Jam" but before
one of their concerts a woman made a mistake
when she wrote their name, writing "Dżem".
The band's name comes from English word jam
(session) which has the same pronunciation
as the Polish word "dżem", which means "jam"
in the sense of a fruit preserve.
RIP Ryszard Riedel
September 7, 1956 - July 30, 1994
Lead singer of the "Dżem", one of the most
charismatic artists in the history of Polish rock.
He is considered one of the most influential Polish
vocalist ever, and has been known to influence
artists today with his rough stage presence.
Riedel's direct cause of death was cardiac
insufficiency due to long time opiate drugs
abuse (especially 'compote', the Polish heroin).

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