Mar 3, 2011

The Legend - LENNIE KIRK

“Ask Jesus to forgive your sins always.
Pray always. Get to know the Lord.
Study and obey the Bible. Quit sinnin’.
Escape Hell.” -Lennie Kirk
"A weird little gangsta with cornrows named
Lennie Kirk came outta nowhere sometime
in 95 and everyone took note of his switch
skills.This weird little cornrowed gangsta
found God sometime while filming an Alien
Workshop video and filled his part with clips
of him preaching.
And he skated to gospel music."
Time Code was the second video release
from Alien Workshop and featured Josh Kalis,
Thomas Morgan, Mike Hayes, John Drake,
Fred Gall, Rob Dyrdek, Scott Conklin,
Bo Turner and LENNIE KIRK.
"As legend has it, Lennie was left completely
blind for nearly two hours after the dumpster
slam in the beginning of his Timecode part."
Lennie found god, and started reading bible
verses before he would try a trick.

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