Jan 16, 2011


The Goonies is a 1985 American adventure
-comedy film directed by Richard Donner.
The screenplay was written by Chris
Columbus from a story by executive
producer Steven Spielberg.
A band of children from the "Goon Docks"
neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon, hoping to
save their homes from demolition, go on an
adventure to find the buried treasure of One
-Eyed Willie, a legendary 17th-century pirate.

SLOTH - John Matuszak's
5 hours to complete.
One of the eyes (which
was out of place
on the face) was
mechanically operated
off-screen by remote

Someone would count down, and
Matuszak would blink his other
eye in synchronization.
The cast was told not to get him wet in
scenes outside of the pirate ship.
Unfortunately, he got wet, delaying filming
for an entire day.
CHUNK: I'm gonna take care of you.
Because I love you.
SLOTH: Aaaaeeee....?! Aaarrrrryyyyyeee??
-Heeeeeeee haaaeeee
June 7th was officially declared "Goonies
Day" by the Mayor of Astoria (where the
movie was filmed) during the 25th
Anniversary Celebration in 2010.

One Eyed Willie's ship, The Inferno, was 105
feet long and took 2-1/2 months to construct.
It was modeled after Erroll Flynn's ship in
"The Sea Hawk" (1940). The sails required
more than than 7,000 square feet of material.
Some of the ship's rigging was recycled from
the Pirates of the Caribbean ship at
Disneyland, which was being
renovated at the time.

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