Apr 15, 2012

Absinth Dyngus - Wet Monday - Kalatowki

Young Blood for Old Dopers!!
Heavy Shit aka Dragon's blood for Slavic junkies
Tiny Jejor
Happy Skira can't wait to get wasted...

PH MILF aka Zelo
This is it!! Our sweet destination...
Our DRUNK PARADISE!! Kalatowki
Easter Egg Ski-Competition 2012
Competitors must be dressed in old fashion clothes
and equipped with old ski gear...
Wojciech and Wojciech!!
My best friends in one place. It was kick ass party!!
Wojciech (on the right) took too much man,
too much, too much... Drunk like a bum haha
What The Fuck?!
Seba aka Rambo chilling in the woods.
Take down this boozed monkey!!
I'm drifting off to wonderland...
Fratelli last spot...

Pizzeria Bosco!! It was delicious time!!
I'm so fuckin glad I didn't lost my digicam,
wallet or other stuff... I was on the edge...
Absinth killed all people around, CHEERS!!

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